Distinction Between a credit card applicatoin as well as an Application

Distinction Between a credit card applicatoin as well as an Application

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For most people, a credit card applicatoin as well as an application both are identical, but there are specific variations backward and forward. Applications are operated on the desktop and can’t be operate on a mobile platform whereas, an application can operate on cell phones. It may also operate on desktops, but is particularly created for mobiles and tablets. There are specific features that differentiate a credit card applicatoin from your application. They are listed below:


Applications are large in memory and they’re able to handle immeasureable data. They are able to do many tasks. Whereas apps have less memory and may handle merely a moderate quantity of data. An application is made to perform merely a specific task. A few examples of applications are Open Office, photo-shop, browsers as well as apps are Quick Office, WhatsApp, Angry Wild birds.


Applications are made to work on heavy os’s like Home windows XP/Vista/7, Apple OS (OS X) and Ubuntu in other words, they may be operated only on desktop os’s. However, apps are particularly made to work on light mobile os’s like Android, iOS and Home windows Phone OS.

Apps can run not just on mobiles and tablets, but additionally on desktops provided, obviously, the desktop OS supports individuals apps. Applications can run only on desktops and laptops although not on mobiles and tablets.


Applications may have full functionality plus they can be used as accomplishing an array of tasks. For instance, when we take Firefox browser application, it is able to do different tasks like opening websites, playing videos in websites, showing maps and stocks.

Apps, however, have limited functionality and may accomplish merely a single job for that they are made. Different apps are made to perform different individual tasks like playing YouTube videos, showing stocks maps. For instance, WhatsApp may be used just for messaging that it’s designed.


Applications cost much greater fot it of apps because applications are sophisticated and can handle performing intensive and an array of tasks. Whereas apps won’t cost much because they are very fundamental in design and are equipped for performing specific simple tasks. Many apps can be found cost free.

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