Best Compensated Android Apps

Best Compensated Android Apps

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So below I’ve made a summary of 5 of the greatest Compensated Android Apps. Many Android apps have both compensated and free versions, the apps I discuss here are worth purchasing for that additional features. There are lots of more however these are my five favorite. Therefore we will begin with saying there are over 300,000 apps obtainable in the Android Marketplace by having an believed 10 billion downloads.

5 Best Best Compensated Android Apps

Lookout Mobile Security:

Lookout Mobile Security enables you to also backup and restores your phone, provides Anti-virus and make contact with location features using Gps navigation as well as could make your phone scream remotely if you feel you dropped it in your house. You are able to remotely wipe your phone if lost that is great to maintain your information secure.

The fundamental features can be found via a free version however the compensated version protects phone with advanced privacy and security recognition. It keeps your internet browsing safe as well as enables you to identify a stolen or lost phone rapidly.

The application is 2.99/month or 29.99/year.

Titanium Backup

The Titanium Backup will backup and restore all data in your phone, that is crucial for today’s mobile users.

Titanium Backup is available in both a totally free and compensated version. The compensated version provides you with more options. The Professional version enables Drop box sync, Application Freezer and multiple backups.

The compensated version costs $6.58 having a five star user rating.

Camera Zoom Forex

Lots of Android smartphones have weak camera features, with Camera Zoom Forex gives you over 90 different effects.

Camera Zoom Forex Enables you to personalize your phone buttons to deal with features.

This application costs $4.99.

Angry Wild birds

Angry Wild birds is definitely an awesome game. It’s readily available for free with ads along with a compensated version without ads.

Farmville speaks by itself.

This application costs $1.99

HD Widgets

HD Widgets is really a universal application designed for tablets and phones. It is the next-gen of widgets, the application was created with usability in your mind, and things are swipe able.

It’s weather widgets and application widgets which were created for hd smartphones currently available.

This application costs $1.99

Thank you for making the effort and searching inside my review of the greatest compensated android apps. We do hope you found some use full information also it simultaneously locate an application you’ll need!

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